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Eniva Sponsors of
University of MN Wellness Series

• MARCH 29, 2018 – Thursday, 7 pm
View: Michael Pollan
How Cooking Can Change Your Life
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View: Wayne Jonas, MD
How Healing Works >

View Emily Esfahani Smith
Power of Meaning: Creating a Life that Matters >

View Dr. David Katz
Food, Health & Wellbeing >

View Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn
Mindfulness Stress Reduction >

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Eniva Health is featured in the US Chamber of Commerce Faces of Trade. 

This is a national honor to be recognized and featured.

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Eniva Health is Featured in the Spirited Table Blog – Omega 9 Cooking Oil

Editor and Tastemaker, Ross Bowen, shares the "Bones of a Chili" insights along with key recipe ingredients – including Eniva Omega 9 Cooking Oil.

See RECIPE by clicking link below. 

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Eniva Health a sponsor of CLEVELAND CLINIC  5K Run and Walk

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Eniva Tea Complex Chosen as Key Component in One of the Largest Breast Cancer Studies Ever Performed 


Eniva Guest Speaker at Minnesota Export Trade Conference

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Eniva Featured in University of Minnesota MANDALA Magazine

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Eniva Participates in MN Annual Autism Conference

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Eniva Hosts FDA Roundtable Event

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Dr. Ben featured in Mandala - Spring 2009 

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Eniva VIBE® Nutraceutical Found to Possess DNA Protective Properties

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Eniva Ultrashot Independently Tested For Banned Substances 

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Minnesota Business Magazine
Double Take

Andrew and Dr. Ben Baechler took a $70,000 loan from family and friends and turned it into a $70 million nutritional supplement company. Can they double the size of their company, and take their message of wellness to the world?..

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Eniva Corporation A Top Business And Industry Leader
The Inc. Organization lists leading companies in their respective fields. Examples of such categories include "Computers & Technology", "Insurance", "Textiles", "Banking", "Education", and others.

Eniva Corporation was informed they hold the official position of 55th in the category of "Health", making it the 55th fastest growing private U. S. company in the Health industry.

Many prestigious companies operate within America's health market today, making the honor very notable. As the pioneer and ongoing leader in the area of advanced nutraceuticals, this ranking further demonstrates Eniva's progressive commitment to the science of nutrient delivery systems.

Said Eniva CEO Andrew Baechler, "We are delighted to have earned another outstanding position on the Inc. rankings. This category of Health continues to be very competitive and challenging to compete in, so we are undoubtedly delighted at being named 55th."

Eniva Corporation, located in Minneapolis, MN, designs, manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements and other body support products. Founded in 1998, Eniva has earned the distinction of being the pioneer of advanced liquid nutraceutical products and innovative nutrient delivery systems.

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Extreme Home Make Over

When ABC network selected a deserving Minnesota family to receive an Extreme Home Makeover, the Eniva Corporation joined forces to support the endeavor. With the wonderful support of its Eniva Members throughout the world, Eniva is providing significant donations to power the Extreme Team to help make this dream a reality.

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Eniva VIBE® Independently Tested for Banned Substances

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Only in America!

The story almost seems too good to be true. Handsome identical twins from the Midwest who took a $70 thousand loan from family and friends less than ten years ago and turned it into over $60 million....

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West Hawaii Today

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Life News Articles and Releases
• Eniva Extends helping hands, water, supplies to Katrin's Victums.
• Spotlight on Dr. Ben and Andy Beachler, leaders of Eniva Corporation in Blaine.
• Blaine-based Eniva brings wellness to the world.

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Eniva Corporation a Top U.S. Business and Industry Leader
Inc. Magazinerecognized Eniva as 728th out of 5,000 fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and the 46th in the Health Industry.

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Paying it Forward from the Swenson-Lee House to the Alexandra House

Eniva Corporation Partners to Create Awareness of Domestic Violence Issues

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Eniva Achieves Top 4 in Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

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Honolulu Star Bulletin - News articles with Dr. Ben.

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Star Tribune - The Tonic Twins

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Union News
Generosity and Support from Local Community and Eniva Corporation.

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...Ciencia y salud
Cómo los suplementos naturales ayudan a la nutrición saludable

“El reto para muchos científicos interesados en nutrición es descubrir las formas más rápidas de modificar los minerales y que el cuerpo humano pueda absorberlos. Cualquiera que sea la forma del mineral, siempre tendrá una característica en común -estar dentro de una matriz de agua en la planta-.”Esto permite que el mineral fluya dentro del sistema alimenticio de entrega de la planta”, explica el Dr. Ben Baechler, al Diario Las Américas....

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