Eniva Cares


Dear Eniva Friend,

We want you to know we are looking for ways to help. The last several months have been very challenging – emotionally, physically and financially. We want to bring you some good news with our ENIVA CARES! initiative.

Eniva is taking multiple steps to help make resources go further by reducing prices, offering free shipping and providing additional benefits for various programs. These include:

    1. Reducing the price of our #1 best seller Vibe Liquid Multi (fruit flavor)

    2. Reducing shipping costs: New Free Shipping Option & Flat Rates

    3. Improving Subscribe & Save: New 5%-10% Off & LIFETIME Free Shipping*

    4. Reducing the price of liquid Zinc and Vitamin C

Below is more detailed information on 4 ways we are trying to help.

 #1. Price Reduction on Best Selling Vibe Multi (fruit flavor). Now $39.95


• Your foundation for Immune Nutrition**

• Stay nourished and stay strong

• Over 28 fruits & vegetables, 25 vitamins & minerals, plus immune health botanicals

• Specialized immune nutrient antioxidants and elderberry

• Scientifically studied and white paper published product


 #2. New Free  Shipping Option & Flat Rates


• NEW FREE SHIPPING on all regular orders over $49 (up to 25 lbs)

• NEW REDUCED FLAT RATE SHIPPING of $4.95 for orders under $49

• Making it more affordable to get what you need when you need it

#3. Subscribe & Save:
New 5%-10%* Off & LIFETIME Free Shipping


- Save 5% off Subscribe & Save orders over $109
- Save 10% off Subscribe & Save orders over $199
*Additional 5% & 10% savings begin May 8th or sooner!

NEW Guaranteed Free Shipping for Life
Subscribe & Save subscription orders (over $29, up to 30 pounds) guaranteed Free Shipping for life of subscription even if there are future changes to Eniva’s subscription program – Free for Life enrollment ends August 2020.

#4. Price Reduction on Liquid Zinc & Vitamin C


• Price reduction on 3 great products:

– Liquid Vitamin C
– Liquid Zinc
– NEW Zinc Ultra-Concentrate Drops

• Immune Health Nutrients for support**


We hope these improvements will help make things a little better. Know that we truly care about you and your family.

Stay nourished and stay strong.


Andrew & Dr. Ben


Andy & Dr. Ben

*Additional 5% & 10% savings begin May 8th or sooner!
**This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.