R & D Manufacturing

dr.-ben-mixing.jpgWe know what’s in the products is important to you. But oftentimes there’s less thought given to how the product is made. The process and environment used in making them can make all the difference between two products that appear to be the same, but are actually vastly different.
Superior manufacturing is the cornerstone of Eniva nutraceutical products.

First, we choose to be the manufacturer of our own products so we can ultimately control the quality. We manage the process, from the materials used in the product, all the way to the testing of the finished goods. We match the “fingerprint” of incoming raw materials to authenticate that what is going into our products is correct and according to our standards. We test the product as we make it, and we test as we bottle it. You can be assured the product you receive is safe and authentic. We take seriously the fact you consume our products… we consume them, too. Their quality and safety is our top goal.

Second, Eniva Health has been a registered Food and Drug Administration establishment for more than a decade. We were voluntary registrants even before it became mandatory. Our products are produced in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) set forth by the FDA. Our products are regulated under the federal DSHEA and FFDCA statutes, legislation ensuring the safety and authenticity of dietary supplements. We are also regularly inspected by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. The Eniva Health facility also demonstrates compliance with “GMP for Sport” requirements for Dietary Supplements.”

lab-doug-w.jpgThird, the methodology counts. We manufacture our products in ways that give the best nutritional profile. We primarily use a whole food matrix approach to incorporating nutrients that are naturally synergistic – the way they are found in nature. We choose to use ingredients the nature offers us. We focus on liquid, because we want to help your body get the nutrients the best way possible, and to actually use them. Traditional supplements in tablet and pill form just don’t cut it – liquid is what you body wants and liquid is what we’ve designed for decades. We pioneered the concept of “pre-digested nutrition” years ago, and we still lead the technology behind it.

We don't pasteurize or irradiate our supplements, like many other companies do. Pasteurizing and irradiating diminish the nutrient integrity; we find other ways to keep our products as fresh as possible. And we intentionally make smaller, more frequent batches so the product is as fresh as it can be when you consume it.

Over the years, we’ve believed people can achieve the right outcomes with the right ingredients, in the right form. It’s all about what’s in the product and how it’s made. The results you see when you take our products prove it.