Nature's Beauty Bundle

Nature Based & Free From Harmful Chemicals. With 7 Customer Favorites For Savings! ON SALE


Nature's Beauty Bundle

Nature Based & Free From Harmful Chemicals. With 7 Customer Favorites For Savings! ON SALE


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Nature's Beauty Health Bundle - The Perfect Answer for all Your Beauty Needs

This Premium Bundle Includes:

Refresh Natural Body Wash – 12 oz

Eniva® Refresh Premium Natural Body Wash - REFRESH and awaken your body with this premium body wash. Nurturing botanical extracts gently foam to wash away dirt and reenergize skin and hair, leaving you invigorated for the day.*

Reveal Natural Shampoo – 12 oz

Eniva Reveal Premium Shampoo REVEALS your hair's natural beauty with this botanically infused premium shampoo. You won't find any harsh preservatives or hair-stripping cleansers. Pure luxurious lather gently cleanses and nurtures hair with unique extracts and nourishing oils.

Restore Natural Conditioner – 12 oz

Eniva Restore Premium Conditioner RESTORES your hair's brilliance with this premium conditioner. Boost volume and restore moisture with exotic oils and extracts that nourish hair and scalp, leaving your hair silky, shiny and soft.*

Premium Face & Body Spray – 4 oz 

Eniva Nourishing Face & Body Spray is specially formulated for all skin types – normal, combination and oily. This purifying freshener tones, softens, and conditions skin while it promotes cell health.* With continued use, experience visible difference in skin softness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.*

Rejuvenate Natural Therapy Cream – 6 oz

Eniva Rejuvenate Therapy Cream pampers and REJUVENATES  your skin with deeply penetrating exotic oils and nutrient-rich botanicals from to help promote strength, tone and elasticity.* Specialized "youth code" ingredients support skin health.*

Replenish Natural Hydrating Lotion – 6 oz

Replenish Hydrating Lotion nourishes and REPLENISHES your body with a combination of moisture-rich botanicals and oils that quickly absorb, hydrate and soften skin.*

Renew Lip Nutrition Balm – .15 oz

Renew Lip Nutrition Balm moisturizes your lips with a blend of soothing plant nutrients and exotic oils. The specialized formula nurtures and promotes radiant lips.*


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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  • Bundle includes: REFRESH Body Wash, REVEAL ShampooRESTORE ConditionerPremium FACE & BODY MIST sprayREJUVENATE Therapy Cream, REPLENISH Hydrating Lotion, RENEW Lip Nutrition Balm 
  • Nature's Beauty Bundle provides body care essentials that pamper both skin and hair. Eniva formulas are free of toxic chemicals and doesn't contain harsh stripping cleansers.
  • Gentle bubbling lather & the soothing aroma of exotic botanicals that moisturize & nourish the body. 
  • These products contain no harsh preservatives, no phthalates, no parabens, no MEA, TEA or DEA, no glycols or aluminum, no SLS or sulfates, no mineral oil and no artificial dyes or fragrances.
  • SAFETY PROMISE: No Parabens No Phthalates No MEA, TEA or DEA No Glycols or Aluminum No SLS or other Sulfates No Dyes or Artificial Fragrances.