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4 Great Reasons to Subscribe!



Add or delete products anytime   •   Change ship dates   •   Skip a month Ship Now Feature
Cancel easily with no worries

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•   Create your account   •   Update your settings anytime (even in your pajamas)


“Eniva’s Subscribe & Save is so easy to use and change things around. I love that I never miss a special and get double rewards points, too.”
- John B. Eniva customer 11 years

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Subscribe & Save… Your Best Choice!

We appreciate that customers like you look for the most cost effective and convenient way to get their products.

We’ve got you covered on both.

With Eniva Health “Subscribe & Save” you receive Free Shipping* on our lowest everyday customer price, and the ease of always having your products regularly delivered to your home, when you want them.

And there’s more.

Save 5% on your product purchase when you spend between $109 and $199 on your Subscribe & Save order.

Save 10% on your product purchase when you spend more than $199 on your Subscribe & Save order.

Earn 2X Rewards Points: With Eniva Health “Subscribe & Save,” you receive DOUBLE the normal number of Customer Reward Points that customers normally receive on a non-subscription order. Rewards Points can be used same as cash, applied as store credit on your next order. And Customer Rewards Points are automatically applied to your next Subscribe & Save order – you don’t need to do anything.

Super Flexible: With Eniva Health “Subscribe & Save,” there are no extra fees, no long-term commitments, and no strings attached. You can change or cancel your recurring order subscription at any time.

FREE Shipping*: You receive Free Shipping on orders greater than $29 and less than 30 pounds. Regular ground shipping, for orders within the Continental US and Canada.(For orders greater than 30 pounds, an additional fee will apply.) 


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