Rewards - FAQ

1. How can I earn points besides making purchases?

There are many ways to earn points with Eniva. For example, you can follow our Facebook, X and Instagram pages, share your testimonies with us, and sign up for our newsletter.

2. Do my points expire?

Your points will never expire! Keep earning to get more rewards and move to the next tier!

3. Can my Reward be used with another discount code?

Reward discount codes cannot be stacked with other codes, but note that free shipping and cart minimum spend discounts will be automatically applied.

4. If I have redeemed my points for a Free Product Reward, can I have my Reward reversed and points loaded back into my account if I change my mind?

Unfortunately, this is not a feature at this time. However, your Reward will be valid for 180 days, and you can find it in the rewards widget under “Your Rewards” found at the bottom of the widget at any time.

5. How early do I have to enter my Birthday to be eligible for the Birthday Reward? 

It takes 30 days for a Birthday to populate in the system. Your Birthday must be entered more than 30 days in advance.

6. How soon can I expect my points to populate post ordering? 

We populate your points when your order has shipped. You will not see these points immediately, but most other actions will populate in 10 minutes or less. 


7. If I choose to upload a photo or video, will that point value be added to the points I receive for a written review. 

Yes, if you submit a review for 25 Points and there is a photo attached, you will receive 35 points total. Same goes for a video. If you choose to upload a video as part of your review, you will earn 50 points. 

8. Can I submit any old photo or video as part of my review to earn extra points? 

The short answer is “No.” We would like to showcase you and share your experience with others. Although we would prefer not to, we do have the ability to retract points — so make your photo/video something worth sharing!

9. Do I get points for my Subscribe & Save orders?

Yes. Your points will be added to your account after your order has shipped. Your point value is based on your tier level. 
• NOTE: All Subscribe & Save customers have their Rewards Points automatically pulled and applied from their account in increments of 100 points. Rewards points are automatically deducted from the order total which is shown on the invoice.

10. Do my reviews have to be completed through the rewards widget?

Our system will give you points for reviews done through the widget or through email. Points will only be awarded for reviews done on verified purchases.

11. Do all my points earned go towards reaching the next tier?

Yes! All points will help get you closer to the next tier whether they were earned from reviews, actions taken or purchases.

12. Can I send a referral to myself?

No, referral codes are linked to an IP address, and it will be flagged to not send.

13. Can I use my Reward more than once?

Discount coupons are 1 use per person.

14. Do my Free Product Rewards ever expire after I redeem them?

You have 180 days to use your reward before it expires.

15. How do I redeem my Free Product Reward properly?

Add your free item to your cart – it is linked to whatever reward you redeemed. Then, enter the discount code found in your widget to checkout. 
For a more seamless experience, copy your reward discount code from the widget right away if you plan to use it within 10 minutes. (You can then just paste it into your Checkout Cart in the "Coupon Code" box.

16. Can Free Product Rewards be exchanged for cash or gift cards?

Unfortunately, Rewards cannot be exchanged for cash or gift certificates and cannot be accepted after expiration date.

17. If I need to return a product, what happens to my points?

Our products are of very high quality and value. However, you may return any unopened product within 45 days of purchasing to receive a full refund. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable. Points will be retracted upon return. If an order is cancelled, points will also be retracted.

18. Are taxes, shipping, and Reward redemptions included in the calculations of points earned?

Members are responsible for all taxes where applicable to their purchase and will not earn points for added tax. Shipping costs resulting from online transactions are not eligible to be offset with points. You only earn points for the money spent on product, excluding rewards and discounts.

19. What if I have a problem with my points?

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our Customer Care line at 866-999-9191 or email us at

20. What if my personal information changes?

Your Eniva Rewards account information is the same as your normal Eniva account. By changing your basic account information, it will update your Rewards account.

21. If I make a purchase and use a free product reward or a $ off discount, will I still get points for the full value?

No. You will only receive points for your cart total after discounts or free products rewards are applied. Please note that tax is not factored into points received. You will not receive points for the value of a free product or any other discount.