Success Stories

Hear what people are saying about Eniva Health products 


kim-ross-story.jpgKim's Story

I was introduced to ENIVA one year ago. I started with the Detox. It supported my metabolism and helped me with back fat I had recently acquired from Menopause. I am now an ENIVA "lifer." I have a daily ENIVA regime that I am very disciplined about. I have also take the Cold Buster product. I can't say enough about ENIVA and have shared with many friends who are also now 'lifers!' I recommend for all!

– Kim Marie Ross, 3X3FIT, CEO


Kari's Story 

Vibrant living had become a challenge for me, my husband and my family.  We were introduced to Eniva, and the products made such a difference in our lives. I can’t imagine what my health would be like today if I did not have the nutrition that these products provide.

We thank God daily that Dr. Ben and Andy used their talents and wisdom to create the Eniva products. Bless you Eniva for hearing and standing up for the call to health – you really do live out your mission of taking Wellness to the World.

– Kari K.


Bill's Story

I decided to try nutritional options, and began taking a variety of Eniva products designed around heart health. 18 years later, I am now 84 years strong!

I’ve been able to go back to training dogs on a regular basis, remodeling my garage and even attending college again. I take VIBE, liquid CoQ10, EFACOR, ATP Pro and ResVante as my core nutritional regimen. And of course, I add in the Protein and Vascular Advantage for my smoothies every day. My cardiologists are happy for me each time I show up for my exams, and tell me to keep doing what I’m doing.  I tell them I have no intention of stopping my Eniva products!

– Bill B. 


Don's Story

I am an active pastor, husband and father, who needed to pay attention to my health approximately ten years ago. I was considering giving up my ministry, since I was finding it difficult to fulfill the duties my parish needed. A friend told me about the Eniva products, and I started taking VIBE and a number of their other supplements. My body responded quite remarkably, and I realized the extra nutrition I was giving it was exactly what it had been missing.

My health is good now, and I have been able to keep serving my congregation. I now have plans, hope and a future, or as my wife Jolene says “My husband now dreams again." 

– Don W. 


Tina's Story

Ever since he was a baby, we made the decision years ago to try supplementing our son's nutrition with VIBE. That one choice made a difference for him.

He’s now 13 years old, and we still use VIBE every day to support his health. He has more than a dozen doctors who all know about VIBE and the difference it has made for him over the years. We know VIBE works!

– Tina W. 


Carol's Story

I’ve been using the Eniva products since 2005. I am over 75 years old and previously had occasional discomfort with my neck.  I tried a number of options, hoping they would help, but my activities kept getting more and more limited and soon I found myself becoming depressed.

I started taking Eniva’s FLEX, and after a number of months, I was able to join a gym and start exercising. You can’t imagine how thankful I am, and I won’t ever stop using the FLEX.

– Carole A.


Randy's Story

I've been athletic my whole life and enjoyed running until I stopped 5 years ago because of the toll it was taking. Plus I am on my feet all day for work. A year ago I started taking FLEX daily – I was willing to try anything. After 4 weeks, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I actually went on my first run in five years, and I’ve been running regularly since.  I'm so glad I found FLEX.

– Randy J. 


Betty's Story

For more than 10 years I’ve been taking my nutritional cocktail: Eniva’s VIBE, Flex,  Resvante and Cell Ready Minerals. I recently had a fall, and immediately thought of all the horror stories of people my age who had also fallen. Luckily, everything checked out ok!

Over the years, people are always commenting on my energy, my lovely skin and my hair. I’m 82 and I couldn’t be more pleased with the Eniva products.

– Betty H. 


Jim's Story

Eniva Natural Sleep: I’d never had any problems sleeping like a baby until I got injured in a bad motorcycle accident. I was so amazed and pleased when I took Eniva’s Natural Sleep product. I could go to sleep easily and sleep through the whole night.

Now when I wake up in the morning I feel alert and really rested. This product is a blessing for me. 

– Jim U.


Natasha's Story

We try things that will help him and our son have a better quality of life. We decided to try supplementing with the Eniva products. We're so happy with the results. His eye contact is more consistent and his school has noticed a difference. He takes VIBE, Vitamin D3, EFACOR and the Clean & Natural Protein.

Plus, we wanted to help him sleep well, so we tried giving him Natural Sleep Formula, and he now he sleeps 8 to 10 hours a night.  – what a change. We have a whole different household now, thanks to the Eniva products.

– Natasha 


Claudine's Story

I am 54 years old and I started taking VIBE  and just love the way I feel and look on your product. In conjunction with a proper diet, exercise and drinking another of your wonderful products... ResVante. I know all of this is so healthy for my body. Thanks to ENIVA for "bringing wellness to me."

– Claudine T. 


Patti's Story

Two years ago after a routine annual eye exam, I began taking Eniva’s Eye Health+ (In addition to VIBE) faithfully for the next 90 days. I was very nervous the morning of my next appointment. But the doctor was happy with the results and said, “Keep doing what you’re doing!”

– Patti G.


Bob's Story

I was up to bat on the Minnesota Bandits baseball team in the 25th game of the 2008 season, one week before playoffs. I started adding Muscle Aid and FLEX to my daily supplement of VIBE: Muscle Aid for its ability to help athlete’s muscles and FLEX for the liquid glucosamine that supports joint functioning. The results were outstanding.

A week later I was able to help warm up the pitchers; three weeks later, I was playing with the team heading for the national playoffs in Florida. We took 3rd place in the Roy Hobbs World Series. Now more than ever, I’m a walking testimonial that wellness is a choice and ENIVA nutritional supplements are a vital part of that choice.

– Bob B. 


Lois' Story

 I have been taking Eniva products faithfully for 10 years and I absolutely believe the nutrition in those products have been a key to my health. I still take the Eniva products and my heart Doctor says, “Whatever you’re doing…keep doing it!!

– Lois B. 


Patti's Story

Our family has been using the Eniva products for 9 years. We are big believers in how exceptionally well the products work. My husband is now employed in the ND oil fields and although he is 60 years old, he is putting in between 80 and 100 hours per week. He feels he is able to keep up that kind of schedule because of the VIBE and UltraShot. Other people ask him how he does it, and he tells them about the Eniva supplements.

– Patti O.

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