Social Responsibility

We believe all people have a birthright of wellness regardless of race, sex,  age or economic circumstances.

We take seriously our need to be a socially responsibly, compassionate company and wellness community. That’s why we support organizations that help people who are struggling to find wellness in their lives.

Over the years, we’ve donated to a wide variety of groups, among them being orphans, widows, the homeless, churches, the military, and those affected by disasters. (see Articles below.)

It’s been our way of “Taking Wellness to the World”  in an even more impactful manner.

We invite you to share and participate in a worthwhile vision of helping all people, throughout all parts of the world, experience wellness and wellbeing.

Eniva supports Veterans at Camp Gumi USA

“Thank you to all our many wonderful Eniva Health customers who generously helped donate bottles of Natural Sleep to GUMI Camp Veterans on Veterans Day! You have made a huge difference for them… we are grateful.” 

camp-gumi-horiz-photos.jpgcamp-gumi-logo-txt.jpg GUMI Camp USA is a special place where our US Veterans are able to go to heal. Its vision is to see US Veterans flourish in society as civilians and realize their potential, with hope and motivation for the future. GUMI, which stands for Glad You Made it, focuses on helping equip, strengthen and encourage US Veterans with educational, emotional and spiritual resources to understand and overcome deployment-related issues.

camp-gumi-hadler1.jpgLocated in a serene working ranch setting, GUMI Camp USA resides on a 258-acre piece of property in southeast Taney County, Missouri. Veterans may live there without cost to them and heal at their own pace. At full capacity, it will house approximately 30 veterans on a working ranch. GUMI camp is made possible by the hard work and donations of famous country singer Tim Hadler and his wife Angela, along with local veterans.

 "We depend on Eniva for the health and wellbeing of the veterans
we serve. Eniva products help improve the variety of issues they
Angela Hadler, Executive Director, GUMI Camp USA


Donations to GUMI Camp are especially needed. 
Please DONATE by going to > click here
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Our Eniva Veterans

Thank you to these special Eniva Members who have selflessly served our Country. 

If you are an Eniva Member and has served our country, please email us at and let us know, so we can add you to our list!

Tracy Bailey Andrea Rock Jesailee Serrano Stephanie Ford
Filipa Branco Cris Badgley Jason Fortman Dave Patterson
Joseca Miller Pat Rigsby Levi Memmer David Alexander Ulsh
Keith Wallace Todd Mensch Gloria Tovar Ky Kugler
Judith Miller Carl Eichenberger Mona Culberson Elisa Hinojosa
Katarina Marjanovic Tracey Bray Tamara Lang  Babs Wolfender
Paula Fialkoff     William Davidson  Herbert G. Scheitel Dennis Panek          
Nate Brooks            Geno Thacker Otto Hartl Ken Baltz
Bruce Greeno Terry Talley Steve Cowan Charlie Hubble
David May David Moore  Karl Baumer  Charlie Biri








Mark Westlund Linda Debban Bonita Torpe Arnold Barabash
Donnie B. Coleman      


Spotlight on other Wellness Outreach Organizations:

Second Harvest Heartland is a local coordination and distribution resource for donations to area food shelves.

Second Harvest Heartland is one of the nation’s largest, most efficient and most innovative food banks. In 2014, it delivered more than 74 million meals to over 1,000 food shelves, pantries and other partner programs serving 59 counties in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Second Harvest Heartland was created on October 1, 2001, when Second Harvest Greater Minneapolis and Second Harvest St. Paul joined forces to bring together more than 44 years of combined history and experience to the fight against hunger. Enva is proud to be a supporter of and contributor to this fine organization.



sr-alexandra-house.gifCommunity Outreach: Alexandra House

Ending domestic violence for women, families and communities...

Eniva created an ongoing partnership with Alexandra House, a non-profit, community based organization located in Blaine and Anoka, Minnesota. Alexandra House provides 24-hour emergency shelter, support services and advocacy to battered women and families. As the only battered women's shelter for women and families in Anoka County, Alexandra House's mission is to end domestic violence by working to break the cycle of domestic violence and igniting social change through advocacy, shelter and education.

How YOU Can Help...

In order to provide these services to those in need, Alexandra House relies on the generosity of the community to help achieve their mission and welcome all kinds of donations, whether it be through volunteering or monetary donations. Eniva was able to donate $10,000 worth of water and wellness products to the Alexendra House, in addition to the monetary donations already given by Eniva Members. Click below if you would like to make a donation to the Alexandra House and help support their efforts to end domestic violence.

Click here to donate to the Alexandra House
Click here to go to the Alexandra House Website >
Download the Press Release >

sr-winona-water.jpgEniva Reaches out to Northwood, North Dakota

Much of the city of Northwood, North Dakota was struck by a powerful tornado. This is the hometown of our National Directors Kari and Steve Kordahl. Eniva has also responded to this disaster by providing water and VIBE for those affected. We are thankful for the assistance of END David Larsen, END Greg Pearce and ND Gordy Seiffert for their help in purchasing additional water to that area as well.





sr-extreme1.jpgEniva Powers Extreme Team

When ABC network selected a deserving Minnesota family to receive an Extreme Home Makeover, the Eniva Corporation immediately joined forces to support the endeavor. With the wonderful support of its Eniva Members throughout the world, Eniva is providing significant donations to power the Extreme Team to help make this Dream a Reality.

Andrew & Dr. Ben along with President’s Club Members and Home Office Teammates joined workers at the build site and provided “muscle, hustle and nutrition” to the Team! And beyond the home and build-site support, the Eniva Team also rallied to help the family in a very special way…

sr-extreme2.jpgWith an “overnight” family of ten as a result of challenging life circumstances, the need to provide adequate funds for the children’s education is a paramount concern for the family. To respond to this need, the Eniva Family committed its resources to help raise monies for the education/family fund. With Members throughout the world, the Eniva Team committed significant assistance to the family. These funds were be presented directly to the family by Andrew & Dr. Ben on behalf of the entire Eniva Organization in two presentations—one at the conclusion of the build and again after the national airing of the program in November on ABC.

Eniva Team… as one connected Family, it’s our time to help bring EXTREME hope and assistance to a family in need! Thank you in advance for your continued support, prayers and help.

View the Press Release >

sr-elhogar-1.jpgEniva Supports El Hogar

The values of Eniva are held strong due to continuous contributions to bringing Wellness to the less fortunate of our world. Recently, Eniva opened a distribution center in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in an effort to share our global mission of bringing Wellness to the World. In the spirit of commitment to the San Juan community, Eniva provided a charitable donation to El Hogar del Nino, an organization devoted to helping the children of Puerto Rico.

Through El Hogar del Nino, almost 40 young girls scarred by abuse, abandonment or neglect gain access to medical care, clothing, food, shelter, and other much needed services in a warm, family environment. Emotional wounds are also tended by the caring staff at El Hogar del Nino, where girls are engaged in recreational activities, psychological and social services, as well as education programs that include vocation and personal development. With the help of El Hogar del Nino and donations like Eniva's, these girls are proof that we are taking Wellness to the World.



sr-hurricane4.jpgEniva Hurricane Relief

Eniva Members united together to support those in need after the events of hurricane Katrina. Our Goal was to send 100,000 bottles of Eniva's OHM drinking water to the areas most affected. Over a 30 day period, 3,333 bottles a day were bottled and shipped.


Tsunami Disaster Relief

As part of its passionate mission to help bring Wellness to the World and supply proper nutrition to those in need, Eniva Corporation and its Members have partnered to provide ten's of thousands of people in the Tsunami disaster area with Eniva products. During our National Conference in Minneapolis, a collection was taken for widows and orphans of the Tsunami tragedy. Together we collected over $5000. Eniva then multiplied the donation by 3 and sent over $15,000 worth of Eniva products to aid the victims.

Eniva has been specially called upon to supply its unique liquid products, because of the lack of refrigeration as well as clean drinking water in the devastated areas. Much needed high-dose essential minerals, vitamins, various phytonutrients, and protein, as well as supplements to ward off infection, parasites and harmful bacteria or viruses have been administered. Thank you to everyone for their support!


sr-backpack1.jpgEniva's Backpacks for Benefit

At the Come Alive Summer conference we rallied together for the "Backpacks for Benefit" drive. Members brought hundreds of backpacks filled with supplies (shirts, socks, shoes, paper, crayons, markers, etc.) for children whose homes have been devastated by the Tsunami. Once again teaming up with Children of Promise, these packs were shipped by Eniva to an area in great need of assistance. We truly can make a difference withyour help!


CompanySoldier Assistance Program

Eniva sends product to soldiers throughout the world, helping them stay healthy in the face of challenges.




sr-jornada.jpgCamp Jornada

Chairman & CEO Andrew Baechler and Chief Medical Officer, Vice Chairman, Benjamin Baechler visited some young campers at Camp Jornada. Eniva donates product to the camp, helping provide a positive camping experience to young children challenged with cancer.

Thank you for your continued support of Camp Jornada through your generous donation of Eniva products such as OHM drinking water and VIBE. In the three short years of your support, our camp has grown from 40 children to nearly 80 children. Your willingness to donate the water and even deliver it to Ironwoods Springs Christian Ranch has been a blessing. We look forward to your continued support next year as we try to reach our goal of providing a free camp for 100 children who are affected by cancer.

Thank you,


Doug Padley
Camp Jornada Foundation