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Women's Healthy Body Balance Pack

The Women’s Healthy Body Balance Pack is designed to provide 4 powerful products, all essential for nutritionally helping women maintain balanced health in the face of challenges and stress.*

Special Support for Women's Health*

Calcium: Supports colon health, maintains bones and teeth*
Iodine: Supports normal, healthy tissue*
Magnesium: Maintains the pH balance of the blood, as well as aids the formation of your body's genetic material–RNA and DNA*
Selenium: Supports proper detoxification of the body*
Zinc: Supports healthy cellular function*
Vitamin D: Supports healthy cellular replication, and healthy immune function*
Vitamin B: Essential nutrient for growth, development and proper body function*
Probiotic+ with Prebiotic: Aids in maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal flora and supports healthy beneficial bacteria*

The products included in this package work in synergy with the VIBE nutraceutical as the foundation product to help support women's health.*

Pack Includes:

1 Probiotic+ with Prebiotic – 30 caps
The health of your digestive system has a significant impact on your body’s wellbeing. The bacteria that live in your intestines play a big role in that healthy state. Bacteria are a large and diverse population and can change depending on age, diet, medical conditions and the use of supplements.*

1 Cell-Ready Multi Minerals – Natural Flavors – 32 oz bottle
Cell-Ready concentrated liquid minerals in a specialized mineral blend are formulated to help promote nutritional balance and normal development, structure, function and health of the skeletal system.*

1 Vitamin B Complex Liquid Concentrate – 16 oz bottle
Eniva B-Complex Liquid Concentrate is a dietary supplement of B vitamins in an aqueous solution. B vitamins work synergistically for maximum beneficial effect. Acting together, they can energize the body for optimal health.*

1 Vitamin D – Adult – 120 mL
Eniva® Vitamin D3 Liquid Concentrate provides natural, high potency Vitamin D in an advanced, water-based bioactive nutrient delivery system. Research studies have clearly demonstrated the critical importance of Vitamin D (the "Sunshine Vitamin") in supporting multiple body systems and overall health.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Cell-ready minerals

Cell Ready Multi Minerals
Natural Flavors
Take 2 oz daily

B-complex liquid vitamins

Vitamin B Complex Liquid Concentrate
Take 1 tsp 3 times daily

Vitamin D3 Liquid Concentrate

Vitamin D3 Liquid Concentrate
Take 4 droppers daily

Natural Health Probiotic+

Natural Health Probiotic+
Take 1 cap before meal preferable in the morning

Eniva Vibe vitamins and supplements

VIBE Fruit Flavor
This product is not included in this pack but is highly recommended for additional support

pubmed ncbi

Clinical Study
Eniva Green Tea Complex of the VIBE Nutraceutical product chosen as the basis of Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Study

The green tea formulation found in Eniva VIBE was selected to be part of a multi-year human clinical trial conducted by the NIH (National Institute of Health)—one of the largest studies ever conducted in the USA with natural green tea catechins for the purpose of studying solutions to support breast health.* Read more...

pubmed ncbi

Clinical Research
Cellular DNA Protection: VIBE Nutraceutical Clincally Demonstrates DNA-protective Effects*

When DNA mutates (unhealthy) it engages unhealthy cellular replication. To counteract free radicals and protect cells, VIBE provides a broad spectrum antioxidant complex from fruits, vegetables, aloe vera gel and green tea.* The potential mechanisms behind the DNA protective properties in VIBE have been shown to promote genetic stability and thus had anti-mutagenic activity in skin cells exposed to ultraviolet radiation, a common pro-carcinogenic agent with significant human exposures.* VIBE may also enhance cellular defense mechanisms against other mutagenic free-radical-generating substances.* Read full article at NCBI PubMed.gov...