Natural Power 100% Protein Isolate Powder, Grass Fed

Natural Power 100% Protein Isolate Powder, Grass Fed


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Top Performance – Pure Protein at an Awesome Price. 

ENIVA® 100% Isolate Natural Power Protein  

Ideal for lactose-intolerant individuals — 99% lactose free!

  • Each serving contains 25 grams whey protein, 11.3 grams EAAs, 5.5 grams BCAAs, 4 grams glutamine
  • 100% Whey Protein Isolate
  • Zero Artificial Ingredients. No Sucralose. No Acesulfame-K. No Saccharin. No Xylitol. No Erythritol.
  • 100% Made in the USA with USA ingredients (Farm Traceable Whey)
  • Doctor Formulated

Perfect for Anytime

A Whey isolate protein shake gives you immediate energy before your workout. It also assists with muscle growth and recovery after a workout. Designed for both men and women. A protein isolate shake is also excellent first thing in the morning for metabolism. Some people consume an isolate shake in the evening, again to promote metabolism.

A Smart Choice

The top quality protein for game-changing performance at an awesome price is here! Pump-up results in muscle strength, mass and tone.* Plus, supercharge metabolism and recovery with ultra-fast nutrient delivery.*

Superb Taste

Not chalky, grainy or clumpy, and no strange aftertaste. We guarantee it’s the smoothest, best tasting protein on the market. Just mix away. Enjoy the Vanilla Bean flavor.

Safe, Pure Ingredients

Free from things you don’t want in a protein supplement. Guaranteed soy free, hormone free, antibiotic free, no gluten and non-GMO.


The Best that Nature Offers

Clean and all natural. No artificial flavors or colors. No artificial sweeteners. Plus, it’s not “altered” with a single amino acid to artificially increase the protein content.

Energy & Strength

5.5 g BCAAs per serving  to promote lean muscle mass and energy production. Helps with athletic post-training recovery, muscle stress and fatigue.*

  • 25 g  Protein Per Serving
  • 4 g Glutamine
  • 5.5 g BCAAs
  • 11.3 g EAAs

100% Isolate

Just pure 100% whey isolate protein. 25 grams per serving. No added fillers, binders, or bulking ingredients. Its high purity means it goes to work right away.

High purity means it goes to work right away. 

How does 100% Protein Isolate = higher quality? Protein isolate provides superior quality and is the top choice of athletes, trainers and health practitioners because it’s among the fastest absorbing protein sources — delivered and utilized rapidly by muscle cells.

Whey protein isolate pushes ahead in the quality line-up due to its extensive amino acid profile, better bio-availability and faster rate of absorption as compared to other types of protein.

ENIVA 100% Power Whey Isolate gives you the game-changing edge where other proteins simply come up short. Plus, the outstanding natural components in the Eniva formula support rapid breakdown (hydrolyzes) in the body attributed to smaller particle sizes — aids in enhanced absorption.* 

In the whole picture, it gives you support for rapid PRE-workout nourishment and continued POST-workout recovery.*

  • 25 g Whey Protein
  • Extensive Naturally Occurring Amino Acid Profile
  • High Micro-pure Protein Ratio – Isolate & Hydrolysates
  • Instantized for easy mixing and absorption*

Powerful, Natural Clean

ENIVA® 100% Natural Power Isolate is a premium, soy free formula free from artificial ingredients.

isolate.jpgThe all nature based formula provides critical nutrients for body health, metabolism and muscular strength. With no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and a strong amino acid profile with BCAAs and glutamine, it represents a premium offering of whey protein for maximum results. Give your body the best, and expect more!

The Natural Factor

We are what we put into our bodies. Who really wants artificial and extra fillers clogging up our bodies? Not only does an inferior protein formula make our bodies work harder to knock out the “spoilage,” it takes away from performance output as well. When we work so hard with exercise/ lift/ nutrition programs to achieve premier muscle tone, fat index, strength and body balance, we need to be laser focused with the protein ingredients we ingest.

That’s why ENIVA 100% Whey Protein Isolate is formulated with the best of “top shelf” natural, micro-pure nutrients that are NATURALLY FLAVORED and are free of artificial sweeteners, fillers and hormones. This translates to low fat, low cholesterol, low sugar – and top performance. You’ll just LOVE the smooth, natural taste!

  • No Soy Ingredients

  • Vanilla Bean

  • No Artificial Sweeteners

  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors

  • No Gluten

  • No Corn

  • Vegetarian Friendly


  • Low Glycemic


Pure Ingredients

We guarantee that Eniva Natural Whey Protein Isolate contains 100% premium whey protein ingredients – no binders, fillers or soy components. The Amino Acids are NATURALLY OCCURRING. It does NOT contain any unnatural or added amino acid ingredients. You can be rest assured there are NO growth hormones (rBGH FREE), NO antibiotics, it's non-GMO, and it's free of harmful contaminants. Plus, we are 100% Traceability Sourced which means we track ingredients to the exact farms that supply our top quality ingredients — a huge factor in making sure the ingredients are quality assured CLEAN and PURE!

“My training depends on using the best fuel out there – Eniva 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate! And, you just can't beat this price!"


Eniva Health quality seals

Scientific References: Data on file, Eniva Corporation, 2019.
* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Certified hormone free. Certified antibiotic free. Certified lactose free. Non-GMO. Gluten free, grass fed, undenatured, cold-microfiltered, & ultrafiltration processed.
  • Clean and Natural. 25 g of protein per serving. 4 grams of glutamine per serving to aid digestion and support the immune system. Low glycemic — doesn't spike blood sugar levels.
  • 5.5 g BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) per serving, to help with athletic post-training recovery, either from muscle damage or fatigue. Bioactive Protein Peptide System.
  • Gluten-, corn-, and soy-free. Non GMO. Only 120 calories per serving. One 30 g serving provides 50% of your required Daily Value (DV). No added fillers or binders, no gelatin or bulking agents. Not altered with a single amino acid to spike protein content. No artificial colors, flavors or artificial sweeteners.
  • Only four ingredients! Amazing taste — not chalky, clumpy or grainy; no strange aftertaste. Safe for those who have lactose tolerance issues. Easily digestible. Outstanding price.