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Heart & Cardiovascular Health


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Heart & Cardiovascular Health* Bundle

Bundle includes:

VIBE – 32 oz bottle

Eniva VIBE Fruit Flavor is a scientifically studied, nature based nutraceutical delivering potent antioxidants and essential daily nourishment in a fast acting, bio-ready liquid design. Its full spectrum formula incorporates a concentrated combination of carefully selected antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids along with fruit, vegetable and specialized phytonutrient ingredients for healthy living, antioxidant strength and DNA support.* It's what your body needs for lasting vibrant health.*

Efacor Omega-3 Fish Oil – 60 caps

EFACOR® provides premium potency and purity in a specialized, natural Omega-3 EFA supplement containing high-dose EPA and DHA. Its formula focuses on providing these strongly-researched substances with a synergistic blend of other Omega-3 derivatives. Manufactured under strict cGMP standards, EFACOR® is a highly purified fish oil — free of environmental contaminants.

CoQ10+ Liquid Complex – 16 oz

Eniva® CoQ10 Plus provides a generous serving of healthy heart and brain nutrients which support the normal and healthy cell function of the body.* Q-Plus utilizes Eniva's proprietary aqueous delivery system to provide enhanced absorption for maximum effectiveness.*

Heartflow SuperBs – 32 oz

Eniva Heartflow Super Bs® are specially formulated heart health supplements designed to promote the health of blood vessels in the human body.*  This formula provides high-potency liquid B-complex, vitamins which can support healthy and normal homocysteine levels, a key factor in blood vessel health and function.* Contains Methycobalamin and Methyl folate - forms of B12 and B9 more people are able to use in their bodies.*

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

• Eniva Product Bundles always save you money versus buying the products individually
• Bundles always ship free**
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• This Bundle includes VIBE Fruits and Veggies Superfood Immune Daily Multi with its unique HeartPro blend to support heart health*
• Also contains Efacor Omega3s Fish Oil, with high dose EPA and DHA -- star players for your heart*
• Also includes CoQ10+ Liquid Complex, containing cardio friendly nutrients of CoQ10, L-Carnitine, Lecithin and Vit C -- not just CoQ10 alone
• Also contains Heartflow SuperBs to specially support blood vessel health and function*