Energy & Stamina Health Bundle

Energy & Stamina Health Bundle


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Energy and Stamina Health* Pack

Pack Includes

• 1 VIBE Fruit Flavor – 32 oz bottle

Eniva® VIBE Fruit Flavor is a clinically studied, nature based nutraceutical delivering potent antioxidants and essential daily nourishment in a fast acting, bio-ready liquid design. Its full spectrum formula incorporates a concentrated combination of carefully selected antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids along with fruit, vegetable and specialized phytonutrient ingredients for healthy living, antioxidant strength and DNA support.* – It's what your body needs for lasting vibrant health and normal joint function.*

• 1 UltraSHOT Natural Energy – 32 oz

Eniva® UltraSHOT® Natural Energy is an advanced scientifically-formulated supplement with ultra-potent and ultra-pure healthy nutrients provided by nature to enhance energy levels and increase stamina. It is packed with 11 different fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals and herbals to boost your energy, vitality and mental clarity.*

• 1 ATP-Pro – 5.3 oz

Eniva ATP-Pro is a powerful dietary supplement that provides your body with a patented form of D-Ribose, the most fundamental source of energy your body can have. D-Ribose is what your body uses to naturally build its energy stores. Taking Eniva ATP-Pro helps your body quickly replace energy levels that have been depleted by hard work, exercise, or health challenges.* The patent protection and clinical studies cover a broad range or nutritional and pharmaceutical uses for D-Ribose.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Bundles are a curated selection of complementary products that support your specific health goals and help you be successful.
  • VIBE FRUITS & VEGGIE SUPERFOODS: Your Daily Nutritional Foundation to feel and look great! Helping you live your best life through Nature's goodness. 30+ Fruits, Veggies & Superfoods, 32+ vitamins, minerals & antioxidants – Helps to Strengthen Muscles and Bones.*
  • ULTRASHOT: Nature-based "GOOD FOR YOU" advanced energy supplement.  It is scientifically-formulated with potent and healthy nutrients to enhance energy levels and increase stamina.
  • ATP-PRO: Helps replace energy levels that may have been depleted by hard work, exercise, or health imbalances. D-Ribose, found in Eniva ATP-Pro, is what your body uses to naturally build its energy stores.
  • Bundles are a great way to save money - they give you a better price than if you bought the products separately.