Liquid Nutritional Supplements Sample Packets

Liquid Nutritional Supplements Sample Packets

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Try 5 of Eniva's most popular products in sample size, or keep on hand for travel and "on-the-go" days.

Available in 5 packs or mixed boxes.

VIBE®  – Cellular Defense Formula – provides a nutritional foundation specifically formulated with your heart in mind!

• Heart health focused - high-potency antioxidants.
• Decaffeinated EGCG green tea complex.
• Contains the cellular defense formula.
• Research studies supported - protects DNA from cellular damage.

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UltraSHOT™ – A "GOOD FOR YOU" advanced natural energy supplement featuring 4 power blends all in one shot to wake up your senses.

• Energy Boost Blend* - Boost energy levels with proprietary blend of specialized vitamins and minerals.
• Energy Antioxidant Berry Blend* - Phytonutrients defend against free radical cell damage.*
• Energetic Focus & Vitality Blend* - Invigorate energy production and enhance sexual function with exotic herbals.*
• Protein Endurance Blend* - Fuel stamina with the building blocks of protein.*

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Natural Sleep – Provides powerful ingredients shown to support cartilage and connective tissue health, joint mobility, healthy joint structure and fluidity.*

• Contains scientifically validated natural nutrients to support the ENTIRE sleep cycle and stays at work ALL-NIGHT long.*
• Natural and non-Addictive
• Great tasting
• Non habit forming
• The single-serve packets are ideal for traveling, vacationing, or even just having next to your bedside table.

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Cold Buster – Provides antioxidant rich nutrients to help your immune system stay strong!*

• Elderberry All-In-One Extra-Strength Formula: The power of Sambucus Elderberry combined with Organic Honey, VitC, Zinc, Echinacea, Green Tea, Blueberries, Aronia Berries, Oranges, Cranberries, Broccoli, Vit D and more.
• Plant Based Supplement: Great-tasting liquid, from 16 plant sources for daily immune health. Safe and effective for everyday use throughout the year.
• Daily Immune Health with Antioxidants Plus Zinc: Includes 500% RDA Vit C, 100% RDA Vit D, plus Ionic Zinc. No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Made in USA at the Eniva GMP Certified Facility. Our products are gluten free, soy free, dairy free, vegetarian, purity-tested and Doctor formulated.
• Maximum Value: Over 40,000mg of immune nutrients per 16oz bottle (over 2,500mg per serving). Compare to other brands for the health of your family. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Sampler Box (20 Count)

A special assortment of some of Eniva's most popular liquid nutritional supplements, all in convenient single-serve packets.

Note: On rare occasions, assortment might vary depending on availability

• 4 VIBE Packets
• 4 UltraSHOT Packets
• 4 Natural Sleep Packets
• 4 Cold Buster Packets
• Cholesterol Health Packets Replaced with Other Options

Sampler Box (5 Count)

1 of Each: Eniva's most popular liquid nutritional supplements, all in convenient single-serve packets.

NOTE: On rare occasions, assortment might vary depending on availability

• 1 VIBE Packet
• 1 UltraSHOT Packet
• 1 Natural Sleep Packet
• 1 Cold Buster Packet
• Cholesterol Health Packet Replaced with Other Option

Vibe Packets (5 Count)

UltraSHOT Packets (5 Count)

Natural Sleep Packets (5 or 10 Count) 



• It's important to know who and where your products come from!
• Made in Minnesota.
• Eniva products are USA produced.
• We manufacture onsite at our own certified manufacturing facility in Minnesota.
• For nearly 25 years, we’ve been delivering premium quality supplements to millions of people.


• We care about your experience.
• If a customer is not pleased with any product purchase, we will offer a refund or exchange.
• All products are refundable/exchangeable within 30 days of purchase.
• We are committed to providing outstanding customer care for you.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.