Fitness Starter Bundle

Fitness Starter Bundle

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Your Fitness Starter Bundle Includes:

Full Detox & Cleanse Kit

Non-Fasting, No Change in Eating Plan...  See changes in just 7 days! This detox system is a Total Body Cleanse. Many Detox and Cleanse programs on the market deal just with cleansing the colon. This program focuses on a variety of body systems for a more holistic and thorough, yet very gentle approach. This Cleanse and Detox program not only helps cleanse the colon, it also assists with the entire detoxification process including the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, intestines, blood and many other organs and body systems.*

VIBE Fruit Flavor (32 servings)

Helps with total body detox and counteracts free radical damage; supports the health of cellular DNA.* VIBE provides a nutritional foundation that helps support numerous body systems and functions. The natural flavor is a pleasing treat when added to water or juice. Formulated to support health goals related to the heart, immune system, muscles, bones, digestion and neurologic function, it contains concentrated fruit, vegetable and aloe vera extracts, amino acids, phytonutrients as well as a specialized and decaffeinated green tea EGCG catechin complex.* Liquid fast and easily absorbed.

Chlorophyll+ Greens Complex (48 servings)

Helps cleanse the entire body, especially the liver, gallbladder, colon and blood; also helps to "deodorize" the body.* Chlorophyll+ Greens Complex has many health benefits as it is an internal conditioner, digestive tract detoxifier, supporter of healthy oxygenation and cellular membranes as well as intestinal and circulatory health. It is also a body deodorizer.*

Muscle Aid (32 servings)

Supports aluminum removal from the soft tissue and helps support energy production.* Eniva Muscle Aid provides a generous serving of Malic Acid to promote optimal levels of energy production within cells.* Muscle Aid utilizes Eniva's proprietary aqueous delivery system to provide enhanced absorption for maximum effectiveness.* This product helps to support muscle wellness, a healthy energy level, and endurance.*

LifeCleanse Fiber Complex Powder (10 servings)

Colon, digestive tract and liver detoxifier and internal conditioner. Also supports healthy intestinal bacteria.* Eniva LifeCleanse helps to rejuvenate your energy levels, weight management, hormones, skin, digestion and overall body balance. Impacted fecal matter in your colon – due to years of accumulated waste – can cause you to be carrying extra pounds. It may also make you feel sluggish and slow. A Cleanse can work to sweep the waste matter away, plus it helps rid the body of toxins, giving you a renewed sense of energy.*

Bonus Products

Natural Whey Protein Isolate (40 servings)

100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate: Just pure protein. 25 grams per serving. No protein blends, no added fillers, gelatin or binders, and no bulking ingredients. Its high purity means it goes to work right away. Like Nature Intended: Clean and natural. No artificial flavors or colors. No artificial sweeteners. Certified hormone free and antibiotic free. Only four ingredients. Plus, it's not "altered" with a single amino acid to artificially increase the protein content. Cold processed and undenatured, it's the most complete protein you can buy with all 9 amino acids. Natural Whey Protein support lean muscle mass development and growth, reinforcement for muscles that are stressed or fatigued, healthy metabolism, cardiovascular health and immune system health.*

Heart Healthy Cooking Oil (47 servings)

A premium blend of hexane-free, pure-pressed avocado and safflower oils provide a clean, delicate oil flavor that doesn't interfere with the flavor of food. Exquisitely blended for taste and health, it's loaded with stable omega fatty acids that contribute to good health, similar to olive oil, so prominent in the healthy Mediterranean diet, without the stronger taste of olive oil.* The healthy fatty acids in this product promote heart health, support healthy cholesterol, and aid in improving lipid profiles, brain function, and hormonal balance.*

Bonus Travel Sample Packets

Various individual Sample Packets are included for your convenience – great for when you travel!

This bundle is the whole package with everything you need to jumpstart your fitness journey. Products in this package will be taken and used at different times. Note varying serving sizes and use according to the Detox Kit directions and your specific health goals.



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• Made in Minnesota.
• Eniva products are USA produced.
• We manufacture onsite at our own certified manufacturing facility in Minnesota.
• For nearly 25 years, we’ve been delivering premium quality supplements to millions of people.


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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Note: Customer experiences noted above do not imply that similar results will happen with your use of our products, or that the experience indicated is due directly to the use of our products. The Detox & Cleanse program is not a weight loss program.

  • A FULL Detox Kit PLUS Eniva Protein and Cooking Oil to support your fitness goals.
  • VIBE FRUITS & VEGGIE SUPERFOODS: Your Daily Nutritional Foundation to feel and look great! Helping you live your best life through Nature's goodness. 30+ Fruits, Veggies & Superfoods, 32+ vitamins, minerals & antioxidants – Helps to Strengthen Muscles and Bones.*
  • CLEAN & NATURAL WHEY PROTEIN 100% ISOLATE: Fuels you with essential building blocks for a strong, lean and optimal body. It also builds and repairs muscle, an important factor as people age, since muscle mass declines as we grow older.
  • OMEGA-9 HEART HEALTHY COOKING OIL: Loaded with stable omega fatty acids that support good health, similar to olive oil in the healthy Mediterranean diet, but without the sometimes overriding taste of olive oil.
  • MUSCLE AID: Supports optimal levels of energy production within cells*
  • CHLOROPHYLL PLUS: For body conditioning, detox, cleansing, healthy skin, body odor, vitality, energy, immunity and cellular health*
  • LIFECLEANSE FIBER COMPLEX: Helps support digestive and colon health including liver, gallbladder, and intestines function.