Digestive Enzymes (Digest-EZ)

Digestion • Regularity • Immunity*

Digestive Enzymes (Digest-EZ)

Digestion • Regularity • Immunity*


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Eniva Digest-EZ® 
Digestion • Regularity • Immunity* 

A digestive supplement formulated to aid the body's natural process of digestion. Its combination of broad spectrum digestive enzymes, herbal components, activating alfalfa nutrients and the metabolic enzyme Catalase provide a scientifically balanced formula that aids in healthy digestion and overall body health.*

Digest-EZ Supports:
• Proper digestion*
• Immune system effectiveness*
• Naturally addressing allergens in the body*
• Circulation,  energy levels*
• The normal process of breaking down fats, contributing toward weight management*
• Proper elimination and regularity*

Digestive enzyme supplements have become the most vital nutritional discovery since vitamins and minerals. All of the processes of life depend on enzymes, which are involved in the function of every system in our bodies. Where there are no enzymes, there is no life.

Enzymes function in every physiological process that occurs in the human body. Specifically, the body requires enzymes to properly use the nutrients provided in food and supplementation to support overall health.* If proper enzyme levels are not present, many vital nutrients will be unable to be used by the body.  A wealth of enzymes in the body is an additional assurance your body will function at its best, with vibrant energy, comfortable digestion, and a healthy immune system.*

Digest-EZ Formulation Features:
• High-activity, full pH range digestive enzymes
• Synergistic herbal components to aid digestion and stabilize enzymes*
• Enzyme-activating nutrients from Alfalfa
• Scientifically formulated to support digestive thresholds*
• Presence of Catalase to ease the metabolic stress of digestion*

Understanding the Science

High-Potency and Broad pH Range Activity
The pH range of the stomach varies with digestion. That's why it is important to consume digestive enzymes that cover a broad range of pH levels. If an enzyme is not in its appropriate pH range, it will not be active in your digestive tract.

Herbal Blend With Ginger and Alfalfa
It is well known that ginger helps to aid digestion and provides a soothing effect on the stomach. In addition, alfalfa is known to possess multiple nutrients that help activate digestive enzymes.

Contains Bromelain and Papain
Bromelain and Papain are well recognized as powerful mediators for joint health. The majority of other enzyme formulas contain little, if any, of these powerful body mediators.

Formulated to Meet Digestive Thresholds
Many other digestive formulas are designed with only a minimal amount of enzymes. Unfortunately, this design does little to help support healthy digestion. Digest-EZ contains high dose enzymes to truly have an impact on the digestive process.

Contains Catalase
It is no question the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is a stress on the body. Catalase is a metabolic enzyme that deals with free radical damage in the body. It has been included in this formula to help alleviate some of the metabolic stress associated with digestion.*

Eniva Follows National Standards
We follow the standard evaluation of activity and potency of enzymes - HUT for Protease, SKB for Amylase and LU or FIP for Lipase... We are proud that our enzyme product has the correct FCC labeling. This labeling certifies that the enzymes have been thoroughly tested for activity and potency.

Can also be Taken Between Meals
Digest-EZ enzymes are designed to not only be taken with meals for digestive aid, but also in between meals to promote overall body health. By taking this product between meals, on an empty stomach, the enzyme energy is absorbed into the bloodstream to address some of the damage caused by a diet high in processed foods or other enzymeless foods.*

Highest Quality Plant Compounds
Our Digest-EZ contains only the highest quality natural plant enzymes that are totally non-toxic and animal free.

Digest EZ bottle and Woman's torso - with veggies

Frequently Asked Questions about Enzymes

What are enzymes? Enzymes are energized protein molecules, originated from acids. They are formed only from organic, living matter, and catalyze as well as regulate nearly all functions within the human body. Enzymes digest all our food, and make it small enough to pass through the pores of the intestine into the blood. They turn the food we eat into energy and unlock the energy throughout the body. Coenzymes, which come from essential vitamins and minerals, are needed for enzymes to function properly. In other words, enzymes need trace minerals in order to be activated. When the activation process occurs, the particles within the enzymes become charged. This "charge" works similar to electricity, and allows the body to transmit critical messages from one cell to another.

Where do we get enzymes? Enzymes come from two sources - one being endogenous, those that originate from within bodies. The other is exogenous, or those that we consume from outside our bodies. A good supplement -- such as Digest EZ -- will have substantial amounts of three exogenous enzymes - protease, amylase and lipase. Protease digests proteins, amylase digests carbohydrates and lipase digests fats.

How do enzymes aid in digestion? Ensuring that food is fully and properly digested is one of the main keys to the human body functioning properly. Major problems in the bloodstream, intestines and colon can result from undigested food. The body can function properly if the food we are eating is being digested properly. On the contrary, it is impossible for the body to function optimally if we are not digesting our food properly. A quality digestive enzyme product will support the digestion of raw or cooked food. It is important to remember that enzymes are energy and when we take enzymes regularly with food, we actually use the energy in the enzymes to aid in digestion. This will conserve the body's energy for more important tasks like protecting or repairing. Without an effective digestive enzyme, the body may use up to 50% or more of its energy while trying to digest food.

What about enzymes and aging? Enzymes can support the aging process by facilitating blood supply to the skin. Good circulation brings nutrients to the skin and helps eliminate the waste products that can make the skin look dull and wrinkled.

How do enzymes work with toxins? When eating cooked and processed foods over a long period of time, we are eliminating the healthy enzymes that naturally existed in the raw food. Continual consumption of these types of foods exhausts the digestive organs until they may no longer function properly. By middle age, a person may have pounds of undigested putrefactive food in their colon. The toxins produce buildup which can compromise the immune system, and cause the body to go out of balance. Enzymes act as scavengers in the blood and lymph. When cooked or processed food enters the body, the enzymes work to keep the body strong in the face of elements introduced into the digestive system by that food.

What can Enzymes Support? Here are topics associated with specific enzymes:

• Protease (digests proteins): Blood sugar, kidneys, immune function, cellular health, calmness, appendix, bones, and joints*
• Amylase (digests carbohydrates): Skin, liver, and gallbladder*
• Lipase (digests fats): Cholesterol, blood sugar, heart/cardiovascular system, weight, blood pressure, colon, energy, and balance*
• Cellulase (digests fiber): Gas, Digestion
• Sucrase (digests sugars): Lungs, breathing, calmness, mood, sleep, stool, and balance*

We know that only the human body has the ability to be healthy, but even the amazing human body needs help. In order for the human body to work correctly, you must support your body daily with vitamins, ionic minerals and digestive enzymes. Also, eat as many raw foods as possible (they are much better for you than cooked foods).

Digestive problems are generally a sure sign of the body being out of balance. An evaluation of your stool is often a worthwhile exercise. When your stool sinks it is heavy because there are still nutrients or undigested foods within it. It also shows a problem digesting food properly. When the nutrients within the food are completely digested, the stool will be light, fluffy, and will float. The stool will also be absent of foul odor. With enzymes, most people will see their stool float within a couple of weeks to a month.

Aren't animal enzymes just as effective? Enzymes from animals like trypsin, pepsin and pancreatin work in a very narrow pH range and to a limited degree in the stomach and small intestines. Unfortunately, they don't aid at all in digestion that occurs in the upper part of the stomach. When the stomach's pH is too high, they are inactive.

Why can't I just get enzymes from raw foods I eat? The food enzymes within raw foods don't have the potency of digestive enzymes, especially in protease and lipase. This potency along with high activity is why a digestive enzyme supplement is such a great aid to the human body. It would take many pounds of fresh foods to equal one dose of digestive enzymes.

What is the correct dosage of enzymes? We recommend you take 6-9 capsules of Eniva Enzymes a day. Anything less may not give your body the digestive assistance it needs. We suggest taking 2 capsules with every meal.

Is it ok to take enzymes before you eat? It is best to take the enzymes during or immediately after a meal. You can take enzymes between meals also.

How quickly can results be seen? Most people having mild indigestion, bloating, or minor discomfort with digestion will usually see immediate results. People with normal irregularity will usually see improvement within a week or two. People report seeing increased energy within a couple of weeks to a month. Almost everyone will see results within 3 months. The people who see the best results are people that continue to take digestive enzymes daily with food and on an empty stomach.

What if I have a very sensitive stomach? If you know your body is sensitive to most supplements, begin slowly with the enzymes. You might want to just take them with meals for a week or so, to allow your body to adjust to the product.

Can enzymes help my weight problem? Yes. Many people who are overweight are low on lipase within the body. The correct amount of lipase will help many people with digestion, assisting the body to achieve a normal weight.*

Can I take digestive enzymes if I am taking medications or prescriptions? Yes. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) classifies digestive enzymes as a food. If, for some reason, your doctor has told you not to eat food while taking medication, then avoid digestive enzymes. Always check with your doctor when taking nutritional supplements.




• It's important to know who and where your products come from!
• Made in Minnesota.
• Eniva products are USA produced.
• We manufacture onsite at our own certified manufacturing facility in Minnesota.
• For nearly 25 years, we’ve been delivering premium quality supplements to millions of people.


• We care about your experience.
• If a customer is not pleased with any product purchase, we will offer a refund or exchange.
• All products are refundable/exchangeable within 30 days of purchase.
• We are committed to providing outstanding customer care for you.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • A unique digestive supplement formulated to aid the body's natural process of digestion. It contains broad spectrum digestive enzymes, herbal components, activating alfalfa nutrients, and Catalase
  • Supports proper digestion, immune system effectiveness, naturally addressing allergens in the body, circulation, energy levels and the normal process of breaking down fats, contributing toward weight management.* They also play a key role in elimination and regularity.*
  • Digestive enzyme supplements have become the most vital nutritional discovery since vitamins & minerals. All of the processes of life depend on enzymes.
  • Enzymes function in every physiological process that occurs in the body. Specifically, the body requires enzymes to properly use the nutrients provided in food and supplementation to support health.
  • Our Digest-EZ contains only the highest quality natural plant enzymes that are totally non-toxic and animal free.

Digest EZ (120 caps)

Other Ingredients: Vegetable capsule, vegetable stearic acid (vegetable fatty acid).

• Gluten Free
• Soy Free
• No Artificial Colors or Flavors
• No Stimulants
• No Preservatives
• No Wheat or Milk

Adults: 1-2 capsules with every meal or 2 capsules with your two largest meals of the day. Always take with 8 ounces of water.

Storage: Avoid freezing and heat. Refrigerate upon receipt and after opening.

Caution: Do not consume if tamper resistant seal is broken or missing. Do not consume if you are allergic to ingredients. Do not take if you have existing ulcers. As with all dietary supplements, consult your doctor before use. If taking prescriptions, have ongoing medical condition, pregnant, nursing or under age 14, consult doctor before use. KEEP CAP TIGHTLY CLOSED. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.