Blood Sugar Health Bundle

Blood Sugar Health Bundle


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Blood Sugar Health* Bundle

Bundle includes:

VIBE – 32 oz bottle

Eniva® VIBE is a scientifically studied, nature based nutraceutical delivering potent antioxidants and essential daily nourishment in a fast acting, bio-ready liquid design. Its full spectrum formula incorporates a concentrated combination of carefully selected antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids along with fruit, vegetable and specialized phytonutrient ingredients for healthy living, antioxidant strength and DNA support.* It's what your body needs for lasting vibrant health.*

Take 1 oz daily. Use with Efacor Omega-3 fish oil.

VanChroZin Minerals Liquid Concentrate – 16 oz

Eniva VanChroZin® Liquid Concentrate is a dietary supplement of Cell-Ready® minerals VANADIUM, CHROMIUM and ZINC in a proprietary nutrient delivery system.

Take 1-2 tsp 10 minutes before lunch/supper.

ResVante Trans-Resveratrol – 32 oz

Eniva ResVante™ is is a highly specialized liquid trans-resveratrol dietary supplement formulated with BOTH high-potency trans-resveratrol and a proprietary blend of red wine and citrus flavonoids.

Take 1 oz on an empty stomach.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Bundles are a curated selection of complementary products that support your specific health goals and help you be successful.
  • VIBE FRUITS & VEGGIE SUPERFOODS: Your Daily Nutritional Foundation to feel and look great! Helping you live your best life through Nature's goodness. 30+ Fruits, Veggies & Superfoods, 32+ vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.
  • VANCHROZIN: Helps support healthy sugar balance already in a normal range for enhanced health and vitality.* Both chromium and vanadium are special minerals because they affect enzymes associated with sugar balance already in a normal range in the body.Zinc is a mineral that assists with the body's normal processing, storage and secretion of insulin.* 
  • RESVANTE: Harvard Medical research on resveratrol found in ResVante shows it supports brain function, balance, sensory-motor coordination, endurance, muscle function, energy and stamina, healthy weight, cardiovascular health and healthy aging.*
    – One ounce of ResVante is equivalent to drinking 300 glasses of red wine in antioxidant resveratrol content. 
  • Bundles are a great way to save money - they give you a better price than if you bought the products separately.