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MenoPause Packs

Menopause – Natural Solutions

Feeling like you've had just about enough with perimenopause and menopause symptoms? Not sure what to do? – Is there a NATURAL track that's actually effective, so you don't have to deal with synthetic hormones and risky side effects? The answer is YES. – Eniva is here to be your support along side you during life's transitions. menopause-lady.jpg

There are so many changes occurring at once in a women's body as she goes in and out of hormone balance with fluctuating body temperatures, changing vitamin and mineral needs that affect muscles, bones and joints, along with stressors on the nervous and endocrine system. It's a complex woven fabric of the body trying to adjust to the aging process and changing hormonal levels.

This is where Eniva can be your source of hope and shed light on how to address multiple body functions. The Eniva MenoPause Packs are designed to give you nutritional support for:

• Hormonal balance*
• Joint / bone / muscle health*
• Concentration and focus*
• Energy*
• Sense of calm*
• Libido*
• Vaginal moisture*
• Supple skin and scalp hydration*
• Healthy weight*
• Vitality to transition smoothly with the aging process*

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It all starts with the Eniva Vibe Multi Nutrient that gives you Whole Body nutrition -- all the way down to support your DNA for cellular regeneration. Then, we've added key products that complement a woman's unique picture -- from mental focus and mood, joint / muscle / bone comfort, mineral/vitamin gaps, to healthy weight and vitality.*

"My body felt like a yo-yo going out of control most of the time. I didn't know if I was coming or going... and the foggy brain, aches and hot flashes were driving me crazy! Then, a friend told me about Eniva products and how there's a special SYNERGY between certain nutrients that my body was actually craving for hormonal balance. The Eniva MenoPause Pack gave me a natural answer where I could honestly say that I've found myself again. By giving my body the nutrition it needed, I could waive muscle and joint issues goodbye. The mood swings – much better! It even helped me with getting back on track with a healthy weight."  
          – Therese B.

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