Holiday Gifts

 All of the best Holiday gift ideas include healthy gifts for family, friends – and yourself! Eniva wellness gifts are the perfect way to show you care, and help your loved ones feel their best. 

Glow With It this Season

Moisturize & Soften • Essential Oils

Rev Up Your Routine

Power Boost  • Electrolyte Recovery*

Tasty & Rich Holiday Cooking
Heart Healthy Omega Oils • Cleansing Spices

Superfoods & Immune  Essentials
VIBErant Daily Balance • Chlorophyll Detox

Healthy Energy & Immune Bump*
Vitamins • Minerals • Elderberry • Herbals

Red Wine Benefits
Weight Mgmt • Heart Strength • Immunity*

Furry Friends Feel Frisky Again
Omega Coats Shine • Glucosamine Comfort 

Good Tidings & Peace
Balance Your Stress Level & Mood*

Mix and match the perfect combo of products for individual wellness needs.
• Plus, check out additional Product Bundles and Health Suggestions:


Let's mix it up with festive and fizzy refreshments – Eniva style! Get creative, and add your favorite Eniva supplements to your holiday beverages and spirits. It's as easy as adding Cholorphyll to warm water for a cup of minty tea. Try Cal-Mag and gingerale for an Apple Mocktini with a healthy twist.
And, check out the jolly drink recipes below.

Pomegranate & ResVante Spritzer

• 1 Ounce ResVante

• 2 Ounces Pomegranate Juice

• Ice and Soda Water to preference

• Garnishes: Orange Slices and Pomegranate seeds, Sage Sprig


Citrus Twister
• 1 Ounce Cold Buster

• 1 TBL Cal-Mag

• Ice and Lemon/Lime Soda to preference

• Garnishes: Cranberries, Lemon and Lime Silces, Thyme Sprig

Optional Spirits: Vodka or Triple Sec

Mulled Cider & VIBE
Warm on Stovetop:
• ½ Gallon Apple Cider
• 1 Whole Nutmeg 
• 10 Allspice Berries
• 10 Cloves
• 2 Star Anise
• 4 Cinnamon Sticks
• ¼ Cup Rum, Optional
– Place a cup of warmed cider mixture into cup
– Add VIBE (Fruit or Apple Flavor) just before serving
• 1 Ounce VIBE
• Garnishes: Apple Slices, Cranberries




*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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