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  • Eniva Minerals for Life Sulfur Liquid Concentrate, 32 oz, Cell-Ready sulfur mineral, dietary supplement, healthy skin tissue*, healthy healing of wounds*, healthy and normal blood glucose levels*, mental health*, healthy joints*, healthy blood vessels*, healthy back and spine*, healthy urinary tract*, healthy muscles*, normal stomach health*, product ID # 8204
  • Eniva Minerals for Life Sulfur Liquid Concentrate, 32 oz, Cell-Ready sulfur mineral, supplement facts

Sulfur Mineral Liquid Concentrate (32 oz)

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Product Description

Eniva® Minerals for Life® Sulfur Liquid Concentrate is a dietary supplement of the Cell-Ready® mineral SULFUR in a proprietary nutrient delivery system.

Sulfur Helps to Support:
• Skin tissue*

• Blood glucose levels already in a normal range*
• Mental function*
• Joints, ligaments, tendons*
• Blood vessels, blood circulation*
• Back and spine*
• Urinary tract*
• Muscles, energy production*
• Normal stomach health*

Sulfur, a mineral found in nature, is significant because it comprises 0.25% of your body weight. Since sulfur forms covalent bonds with  carbon, it is believed to play a large role in the health of tissues and organs, assisting your body’s own natural efforts of maintenance and repair.*

Water-soluble sulfur is found in all connective tissue and skin and is necessary for the growth of your hair and nails. The highest concentrations of sulfur are found in cartilage, tendons, and keratin -- a tough, fibrous protein substance that forms nails and hair. Sulfur can support your joint movement by aiding in the normal formation of new cartilage and other connective tissues, including the myelin sheath.*The myelin sheath allows you to have calm, controlled motor functioning.* Research studies have also shown very promising use of topical sulfur in baths to support healthy skin, as well as to address minor joint discomfort.* You may have heard that people visit hot springs – water that’s high in sulfur – because they offer soothing benefits for skin and joints.* In addition, people with sensitivities to environmental materials, such as house dust, pollen, wool, animal hair, feathers, and other substances have reported benefit from sulfur supplementation.* 

As a key component of several amino acids, sulfur is required for many of your body's cellular functions and synthesis of proteins.* For instance, the production of insulin requires sulfur in its molecular structure.* Equally important, protein catalysts and enzymes incorporate sulfur, since normal protein synthesis can be achieved only with water-soluble sulfur to maintain the correct molecular framework for soft and connective tissue throughout the human body. Sulfur may also support normal blood circulation and muscle function.*

Sulfur is also an essential component of three vitamins: biotin, pantothenic acid, and thiamin. Both thiamin and biotin play an important role in energy metabolism.* In addition, sulfur is part of Coenzyme A, contributing to the activation of carboxylic acids and the synthesis of hormones.* Sulfur is also used by the body for insulin production.*

Sulfur is a factor for healthy skin, blood cells, and collagen.* When the body replaces old skin cells, a proper balance of sulfur supports the normal development of smooth skin.* You may have heard sulfur referred to as "Nature's Beauty Mineral."

Sulfur plays an important role in tissue breathing, the process whereby oxygen and other substances are used to build cells and release energy.* Sulfur may help to support normal respiratory systems, lung function, and aid in the process of breathing.*

Sulfur is used by the liver to produce choline and supports normal intestinal health. It is a mineral the body uses for urinary tract function and regularity.* Sulfur scavenges free radicals and acts as an antioxidant, assisting the body’s own detoxification process to allow water and nutrients to flow freely into cells and waste products or toxins to flow out.*

An aqueous, submicron form of mineral ions in pure water for enhanced absorption and body use.

The purer the water the more efficiently minerals are activated into their electrically charged ionic state. Eniva uses OHM® water (multi-step purified water) in a unique proprietary process at Eniva's government-inspected manufacturing facility, yielding an advanced aqueous form of sulfur ions (Solutomic) in sparkling clear solution for quicker absorption than tablets or capsules which must first dissolve in the digestive system before being absorbed.

Aqueous Stabilization:
Eniva's liquid proprietary nutrient stabilization process.

Scientific References: Data on file, Eniva Corporation, 2015.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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