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  • Eniva Cesium Homeopathic Health Liquid, purified OHM® water, proprietary processes and mathematical Avogadrian principles, benefits of a specific mineral in specialized water product, Imprinted Water, imprinted structure, highly energetic water, healthy metabolic functions, stabilize electrons for efficiency of energy production in cells, complements the immune system, Structured Water Technology, footprint in sand similar can be done with water, water memory, water frequency, vibration of substance  after removed, footprint or imprint in water of original substance
  • Eniva Cesium Homeopathic Health Liquid, 32oz, nutrition facts

Cesium Homeopathic Liquid (32 oz)

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Product Description

Eniva® Cesium is a specialized Homeopathic-based health liquid designed to promote the health of the human body. Through the use of Eniva's purified OHM® water, in combination with proprietary processes and mathematical Avogadrian principles, the Eniva Cesium represents a safe and effective method to provide health benefits of a specific mineral in a specialized water product.*

Health Support through Imprinted Water
Imprinted water can "remember" and assume an imprinted structure, and as it enters the body the highly energetic water can:
• Activate and support healthy metabolic functions*
• Stabilize electrons for efficiency of energy production in cells*
• Complement the immune system*

Structured and Imprinted Water Technology
Just as one can leave a footprint in clay or sand, the same can be done with water. As such, water is said to have "memory." It will hold the frequency or vibration of a substance even after the substance has been removed. In essence, there will be a "footprint" or imprint in the water of the original substance. This effect can be quite lasting depending upon environmental conditions surrounding the storage and processing of the water. Because of this unique property of water to hold an imprint, it can have significant implications in the field of health and healing.*

The Eniva Cesium product utilizes a combination of Imprinted and Structured Water Technologies, as well as Mathematical and Energy Principles in its production with Eniva OHM water. Eniva Cesium provides a highly energetic water with the imprint of a single substance, like a mineral, that can provide benefit to human health.*

Q & A:

Eniva Cesium How is it made?
The Eniva Cesium product uses a combination of imprinting and structured water technology, as well as mathematic principles, in its production.

Is this a homeopathic product?
The Eniva Cesium imprinting process does have some similarities to homeopathic theory, but is not exactly the same. The Eniva Cesium product is completely unique.

Does it contain Cesium?
No. The Eniva Cesium product does not contain Cesium. However, it uses an imprinting technology to impart properties of a specific mineral into the water.

Can I mix it with other Eniva products?
The best way to take the Eniva Cesium is by itself. However, if you are in a rush, you can mix it with other Eniva products without fear of "hurting" anything.

Will it stain?

Can I give it to children?
This product is recommended for ages 14 and up.

What is the serving size?
One ounce. It comes in a 32 ounce bottle.

How much of it can I take?
We recommend using 1-4 ounces as needed for health concerns.

Can I take too much?
No. The Eniva Cesium product is very safe and cannot be overdosed.

Can I take it every day?


Solutomic®: An aqueous, submicron form of mineral ions in pure water for enhanced absorption and body use.

Aqueous Stabilization™: Eniva's liquid proprietary nutrient stabilization process. 

Scientific References: Data on file, Eniva Corporation, 2017.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Nutrition Facts


Other Ingredients: Purified water, natural flavors, sorbic and/or benzoic acid(s) [protects freshness], malic acid, stevia leaf extract.

• No Stimulants
• No Artificial Colors or Flavors
• Gluten Free
• Diabetic Friendly

• Vegetarian Friendly
• No Fish Ingredients
• No GMO Ingredients
• Cold Processed
• No Irradiation
• No Pasteurization

Directions: 1-4 ounces daily (30mL).
Shake well before using.
Do not mix with other nutritional products.

Recommendations: May combine with 8 ounces of water / juice.

Storage Directions: Avoid freezing and heat. Keep away from computers, x-rays, magnets, TV sets, microwave ovens, and any other device with a strong electromagnetic field.

Caution: Do not consume if tamper resistant seal is broken/missing. Do not consume if allergic to components found within product. As with all dietary supplements, contact your doctor before use. If taking prescription medications, have an ongoing medical condition, are pregnant, nursing or under age 18, consult doctor before use. Isolated minerals or nutrients are best taken as part of a well balanced diet and broad supplement program. KEEP CAP TIGHTLY CLOSED. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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