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• BIG NEWS: Brand new website…  Eniva Health!

Our new format is meant to help you have a great learning and shopping experience. Below are helpful tips as you move through the site. We’ve also included an Overview Letter - click on image below - PDF.


Account Login for Existing Members
Eniva Members who have had an account with us prior to July 31, 2015 need to login the first time using their "old" username and password. Simply click on the "Login" tab at the top of the screen. In the grey box, click on the orange link "click here". You will be prompted to enter your old account credentials, and then choose new credentials to use going forward. In case you no longer remember your old credentials, call us at 866-999-9191 and we’ll help you out.

New to Eniva? Get a Membership for Best Pricing
We’re all looking for the best value, right? Save 25% on all your orders by purchasing an Eniva Membership. Simply go to the "Specials" tab in the top navigation menu and add the Membership to your cart. After you’ve purchased your Membership, you'll be able to download a coupon code right away to save 25% on your order that day. If you don't use the coupon code within 24 hours, don't worry -- your new account will be transitioned to Member pricing automatically, saving you 25% on all your future purchases.

Creating a New Account - Only for Brand New Customers
PLEASE NOTE: If you are an existing customer, or have an Eniva customer account prior to July 31st, 2015, do not create a new account as your points and rewards are linked to your previous, existing account. Please seeAccount Login for Existing Members” above for instruction. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 866-999-9191 or click on the Live Chat button on the site.

If you are a brand new customer with no prior existing account, we suggest creating a new account before shopping and checking out. In the Account Creation confirmation page, if you are a new customer, you will be offered Free Shipping* on your first order! By clicking on the link provided, a store credit will be added to your new account, which can be used in the checkout section. To create a new account, simply click on the "Create an Account" link at the top of the page and enter your information into the fields provided. You can also get Free Shipping* every month by selecting Repeat Delivery. Click on the “Repeat Delivery” tab in the upper orange toolbar to learn more.

How to Check Your Rewards
Our enhanced Eniva Rewards Program is cool. Click on the Healthy Living = Rewards logo at the top, right-hand of the page. From there you can learn how to earn Rewards Points, as well as check your account balances. To uearn or use points, be sure to click the LOGIN button.

Get Free Shipping
Everyone likes “FREE.”  Eniva offers Free Shipping* on orders in two ways:
1. All brand-new customers are offered free shipping on their very first order. A link will be provided in the account creation confirmation page.

2. Set up a Repeat Delivery (formerly called AutoShip). All Repeat Delivery orders that process automatically during the month will receive free ValueShip shipping!

Learn More About the Products
There are several ways to arrive at the products that can support your health goals.

1. Click on the name of the product from the top blue navigation menu. Once you’ve arrived at the product page, click on the bottle to enlarge it and turn it around to see the back. Scroll down the page to read more about the benefits of the product, as well as its supplement facts.

2.  If you are looking to support a specific Health Program or Health Goal, click on the box in the middle of our Home page that reads “What’s Right for Me.?” It will take you to product groupings that provide certain nutrients for a desired outcome.

3.  Or go to the new tool we have on the left sidebar called “MY HEALTH FOCUS.” This can also help you zero in on which products are right for you.

Check us Out on Your Mobile Device
Our new site is completely mobile friendly. Scroll through information, click on links, open pages, order, and even pay using your phone. Sweet.

We’re excited you’ve come to our new site. We know you’ll find Wellness and Wellbeing at Eniva.