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UltraSHOT Intro

FEEL YOUR BEST!ultrashot-bot-pckt-image.jpg
UltraSHOT gives you a real energy kick plus a balanced brain boost.*

Eniva UltraShot Natural Energy outperforms the competition in natural ingredient power!

All in just ONE ONCE:
• 7 Vitamins – Full array of B-vitamins for energy-production and combating stress*
• 3 Minerals – Supports cellular energy and blood sugar health*
• 11 Whole food fruits – Antioxidants deliver phytonutrients to defend against free radical cell damage*
• 6 Herbals – Aids mental focus, supports endurance, combats fatigue, supports sexual function and circulation*
• 4 Amino Acids in Protein Endurance Blend – Promotes Nitric Oxide stimulate circulation, support sexual arousal, promote blood vessel health and assists lean muscle mass development*
• No High Sugar Content
• No Artificial Ingredients
     – Does not contain Taurine – which has questionable and unknown effects on brain
     – Does not contain Sucralose – which has been linked to g
astrointestinal problems, headaches and allergies

Other Energy Drinks do not even compare to the careful balance of vitamins and minerals formulated to work efficiently in the body.*  UltraSHOT contains the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in proportions that are beneficial for the body.*


What a Taste Refresher! The crisp berry-citrus flavor delivers delicious phytonutrients and satisfies your “soda urge” with a natural surge of refreshment!

Plus, the sleek On-the-GO packets help you power-up with your busy schedule.

 *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.