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Liquid Is The Answer

pure water used in production of Vibe nutritional supplement

Looking to nature, we see the ideal design for nutrient delivery systems - water. Water is the basis for all nutrient delivery systems for all forms of life. In plants, nutrients are consumed from the soil and found within the plant in a water-soluble and compatible state that can be used by both plants and people. When we eat food, it is the body's job to liberate nutrients and further make them available for the body to use through specific body processes. No matter what we put into our bodies, the goal is always the same - to make it soluble/compatible with water.

When it comes to classically designed tablets and pills, most are poorly absorbed and poorly used by the body due to their formulation design. Many of these tablets are not effectively used by the body - containing raw material components that are poor in quality, non-usable fillers, "binders" that inhibit nutrient absorption and the common use of outer waxy coatings that inhibit digestion.

Most liquid supplements contain artificial ingredients and harsh preservatives that diminish their effectiveness. And, many liquid products are also pasteurized or irradiated to prevent bacterial growth. Those processes actually negatively impact the potency and benefits of the product.

Eniva's VIBE® is delivered to you exactly the way nature intended... fresh with natural ingredients, and most importantly, in a powerful liquid design, and no processes that diminish the benefits and potency of nutrients.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.